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Honeywell Automatic Commercial Generators

Customized for your specific needs

Your power needs are unique. That's why Honeywell commercial generators are available in a variety of phases and voltages. From single phase 240 volt to three phase 480 volt, these generators can be customized to meet your particular power requirements.

NEW STANDARD FEATURE! Check Your Generator Status Anywhere, Anytime with Mobile Link™ 

Mobile Link lets you check on your generator’s status, even when you are away, using your computer, tablet or smartphone. It offers over 40 different notifications, including maintenance reminders, low battery, and fault alerts, along with the ability to send maintenance alerts to your authorized service/maintenance provider. Standard on all air cooled and select liquid cooled models.
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Runs on clean, reliable gaseous fuel

Your generator runs on your building's existing natural gas or LP fuel supply, avoiding the spilling and storage issues of diesel, and are in continuous supply. That means your generator will run as long as necessary—until utility power is restored.

So quiet you’ll forget it is there

Many Honeywell commercial generators feature low-speed, automotive style engines that run at only 1800 rpm during a power outage, making them not only incredibly quiet but also extremely fuel efficient. Weekly self-tests on all units run in WhisperCheck™ mode, which is even quieter than normal operation.

An exterior that withstands the elements

Ideal for salt-air, coastal areas, the premium aluminum enclosure resists corrosion, with the superior finish of RhinoCoat™ providing additional protection from the elements.

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