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Healthy Climate® Heat Recovery Ventilator

Effective ventilation for colder climates An ideal solution for tightly sealed homes, an HRV system exchanges stale air from inside with fresher outdoor air. To ensure absolute comfort, the system captures heat from contaminated air before it is moved outdoors. Today's homes are built to be energy efficient. That means they're better sealed than ever against drafts, dust and the elements. But while this may have a positive effect on your heating and air conditioning costs, it may have the unwanted side effect of sealing in old, stale air, pollutants and excess moisture. All of which you'll breathe over and over again. You could open a window, but in the middle of winter or a blazing summer, that means giving up your comfort. Fortunately, Lennox has an innovative solution that can change your indoor environment forever. . . .

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Department: Air Quality >> Ventilation

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