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As many other people experienced, Sandy did an immeasurable amount of damage to my home. My husband and I not only lost our heating and air-conditioning systems, we lost our cars, our landscaping, our decks, and the first floor of our house was flooded and needed to be fully renovated. We were in shock. Fortunately we had a wonderful contractor who started to put us back together but we weren’t happy with his heating and cooling company. So I started to ask around and was given the name of Carefree. I called and spoke to Ray who came right over and with major patience as if my home was his, he came up with a plan that made so much sense we immediately respected him. I already had three quotes and I was so happy that when his came in it was clearly the road we were going. His men came right away to begin my gas conversion, demand water system, radiant heat and Mitsubishi installations. They were clean, courteous, and efficient. They answered all questions and followed through with every request. They also worked wonderfully with my contractor. They finished my house over a year ago and I couldn’t be happier. My utility bills are over 40% lower, I know another Sandy can’t harm my heating and cooling systems, and I didn’t need one service call through the year. Thank-You!

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