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Oil Water Heaters

  • Turboflue┬« – Bock’s patented design is the industry’s most advanced and efficient heat exchanger. Simply put, it heats water faster and uses less fuel, which reduces energy costs.
  • Durable and exclusive porcelain enamel glass is used to line all tanks and Turboflues. Highly resistant to aggressive water. Fresh silica mixed daily to provide the highest quality.
  • Built to last – Hand-crafted from heavy gauge steel. Longer life equals a higher “Return on Investment”.
  • Dual magnesium anode rods – Inhibit corrosion and maximize tank life. Electrolysis attacks the anode rods, not the welded seams of the tank.
  • Double pressure tested – Only Bock pressure tests its tanks twice.
  • Fully welded tank skirt – prevents noxious flue gases from escaping between the tank and jacket.
  • Center flue design – reduces tank flex for longer life.
  • Fiberglass insulation – decreases standby heat loss.

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