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Split Systems

These split system air conditioner models are completely assembled, piped, and wired at the factory to provide one-piece shipment and rigging. Each unit is pressurized with a holding charge of R-22 for storage and/or shipping.

The compact design, clean styling, and quiet operation make these condensing units suitable for almost any outdoor location. On rooftops, because they weigh much less than a single package unit of similar capacity and are much easier to rig and support. At ground level, because their ample sub-cooling capacity allows them to be located 60 feet below the evaporator coil.

All Sheet metal parts are constructed of commercial grade (G90) galvanized steel, powder-paint coated to withstand a 750-hour salt-spray test.

A complete line of evaporator blower units is offered to meet your precise capacity and air-handling requirements.

Split Type AC and heat Unit. In these units there is an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit is roof mounted or ground mounted outside. The indoor unit is mounted in ceiling or closet Ductwork and piping is then install.

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