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Solar Heating

Advantages at a Glance
  • Excellent Value and Performance
  • Flexible Mounting Solutions for All Roof Types
  • Fully Integrated Solar Solutions
  • Optimum Energy Yields
The Perfect Solution for Any Roof

No matter what your needs – Buderus has a solution for you. Buderus solar products are more individualized, flexible and attractive than you ever imagined. Solar heating systems from Buderus not only “shine” because of their optimum efficiency, but also because of their incredible versatility.

Flexible… Beautiful… Buderus

The Buderus Solar collectors are designed with appearance in mind. With integrated and unobtrusive roof mounting styles, these systems are architecturally stunning. You’re living in a house with a flat roof? No problem. With the Buderus roof mounting system, any roof surface or angle is easy and simply looks great!

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